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Hairline Restoration Diary

Mina decided to undergo hairline restoration with Dr Johnathan Chan’s Ultra Fine FUE technique to¬†improve the frame of her face.

On day of surgery (June 2015) ;

designing phase;

Mina before hairline restoration


Day 1 post surgery;

day 1 post hairline restoration


After hair wash

day 1 post wash


Day 7

wound healing well, redness and swelling is gone. It is now safe to gently rub the recipient site to clear the scabs. Donor site wound already healed and waiting for the hair to grow back.

right hairline at day 7left hairline at day 7donor site at day 7

Growth will start gradually from 4 to 12 months.

4 Month

Below is the progress at 4 month. Final growth is expected at around 12 month.



9 months

Below is Before and After at 9 months. New shape is evident now.

IMG_0362 IMG_0361

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