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Before-and-after photos and testimonials

Below you’ll find images of and letters from Dr Chan’s former patients.

Please take a moment to look through them to see the kind of results we could help you achieve with your hair.

At AHTI, a Hair transplant is not just about getting the lost hair back, it’s not about the number of grafts. It is about how to improve the overall look and to get your confidence back. It is an art of combining the knowledge of the facial proportions, hair and scalp anatomy, the  skills of the surgeons hands and eyes to the finest details. It is truly “The Fine Art of Hair Surgery”. At AHTI, you will get the highest standard of hair surgery you won’t find anywhere else.

(Please note, to protect our patients’ privacy, we have removed their names from the testimonials.)

hairline transplant

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The above photographs have not been altered or manipulated in anyway, and it is in accordance with the regulations made under the Medical Practice Act 1992. Individual results may vary and cannot be guaranteed.

Patient Feedback

Dr Chan cared about me – not about how much money was in my wallet!

Patient treatment:

  • 912 grafts to improve density of frontal area

I started to lose some hair in my early 20s. While the progress was slow I got sick of the stress and worry and decided to do something about it.

I decided to look into having a hair transplant done, having come to the realisation that a lot the gimmicks offered by a lot of the large companies did not provide the results promised. I did extensive research into HT clinics around Australia and decided to go and see Dr Chan at AHTI as they seemed the most professional.

I was very apprehensive about the whole thing at first. I was particularly concerned about the recovery and whether I would be able to get back to work quickly etc.

As soon as I met with Dr Chan a lot of my anxiety subsided. Dr Chan took the time to explain everything to me in a clear and easy to understand way. He was also very honest with me about what I could expect in terms of the procedure and the results. At no stage did I feel pressured or like Dr Chan was trying to “sell” something. I felt like I was with a real Doctor who wanted to help me.

As the surgery approached, i was still understandably nervous. However, on the day, Dr Chan and his staff took great care of me. They went out of their way to make everything as relaxing and smooth as possible. The whole procedure was painless and aside from a bit tired afterwards, i felt fine that night and in the days that followed and just spent my time catching up on sleep and relaxing. In fact, I had the procedure on Thursday and was back at work on the Monday afternoon, felling pretty much 100%.

Now I am just looking forward to seeing the results.

Overall, the whole experience was so much easier and less painful and scary than I initially feared. I felt that I was in good hands and was always treated with kindness and the utmost care. To anyone trying to decide where to go I would say go to AHTI where they cared about me, not my wallet!

Dr Chan is honest… And his work is the best I have ever seen!

Patient treatment:

  • 667 grafts (scalp hair) to restore the crown area and repair the scar from previous strip surgery
  • 824 grafts (chest hair) to continue increase coverage of the crown area

I have had 5 hair transplant procedures with four doctors. The first two were strip procedures and then FUE body hair transplant. What sets Dr Johnathan apart from every one is the extra care he takes in his procedures. You can tell he is proud of what he does but also sits the patient down and tells him the truth, what can and can not be achieved. He is very honest and does not play on peoples insecurities.

I personally have found who will work on my transplants from now on and recommend any one considering a surgery to speak to Dr Johnathan as he will be totally honest with you and his work is the best I have seen.

I absolutely LOVE them

Patient treatment:

  • 350 grafts to improver the shape of both eyebrows

Hi Dr. Chan,

Its been a while and I have been wanting to send you this email for a long time, but I just never seem to have the time to compose what I want to tell you.

It’s now been over 2 years since my eyebrow transplant, and I absolutely LOVE them./p>

I actually don’t think a week go by without a quick though of you and how much this changed my appearance and life. Before I would always worry about having no makeup up, go swimming, go on holidays etc because of how poorly my eyebrows looked. I have always believed that eyebrows really shape your face, and looking back at old pictures now the difference is outrages! The hairs have gotten much softer and not so bushy as they were just after the transplant, even though I still have to trim them and look after them regularly and I am still using gel to style them every morning. But I am thrilled and feel fantastic and just thought I should send you this email and say thank you 🙂

Have a lovely week.

Kind Regards,

I just regret..haven’t done it earlier!


  • 426 grafts to reshape and improve density of both eyebrows

Hello my favourite doctor

I doing very well in my recovery process. It’s been more than two weeks after my procedure, my eyebrow, getting better and better. I just regret, why i haven’t done earlier, instead of suffer with unnatural looks.

You are guys doing such professional job. The time under anaesthetic, I feel good no pain. I just had relaxing time, i was heard you talking about which hair, how much hair is still etc. The most important thing is I felt confidence in Dr Chan – soft, gentle movement around my forehead. When we finished everything was ready for me, bag, medication and instruction what to do include details, just in case any infection. My recovery went so well, the day after I went to school, work, apply make-up. I guess I look even better than before. Kind of 3 dimensional look, definition on my eyebrow, finally hair, not imagine make-up create hair.

My poor English doesn’t allow me say thank you, and how much i would recommend this magic operation to change life, to feel natural about yourself, following your desire to fix up, what can be done

I was instantly at ease

Hair treatment:

  • 263 grafts to improve the denisty of both eyebrows

The staff were very professional at all times. Dr Chan made me feel at ease instantly and I knew I was in very good hands. I was a little tired after surgery but happy it went so well.

A fantastic and professional service. Dr Chan is honest, trustworthy, talented, experienced and extremely capable in his area of expertise. I would recommend Dr Chan to anyone wanting a professional hair transplant experience.

Best thing I ever did!

Hair treatment:

  • 1204 grafts to restore the hairline.

Tired during surgery, after is fine, not much pain. Very professional and caring staff. Best thing I ever did!

Very good service

Hair treatment:

  • 416 grafts to restore the hairline.

Feel comfortable and the doctor’s explanation is detailed and helpful. Very good service and achieve my expectation.

Very positive

Hair treatment:

  • 2497 grafts to restore the hairline and frontal area.

Was anxious but was explained and taken care of on and during the various stages. Put me at ease and felt confident and the assurance was very warm, helpful and kind. Very positive.

Looking forward to some extra hair

Hair treatment:

  • 761 grafts to restore the hairline.

Confident with surgery procedure. A bit wobbly and tired (after surgery). Looking forward to some extra hair in about 5 months.

Hardly any pain – I will recommend you to my friends and family

Hair treatment:

  • 535 grafts to restore the frontal temporal angles

I was approached professionally and staff were friendly and informative. The whole procedure was explained very clearly. There was hardly any pain during and after the procedure. I will recommend AHTI to my friends and family.

Fantastic service

Hair treatment:

  • 83 grafts to repair eyebrow scar

Fantastic service received from all staff! Thank you very much. Looking forward to the end result.

Felt comfortable during and after the procedure

Hair treatment:

  • 308 grafts to improve density of the frontal temporal angles

The feeling during and immediately after the procedure was comfortable, Very well informed. Pleasant friendly staff caring feeling at this clinic.

I am very pleased. Thanks Dr Chan

Hair treatment:

  • 1349 grafts to lower existing hairline and improve density over thinning areas in crown.

Dr Chan and staff were extremely professional and helpful. I had a lot of questions and concerns prior to choosing AHTI but Dr Chan was very patient. I am very pleased. Thanks Dr Chan.

Highly recommended

Hair treatment:

  • 2403 grafts to lower existing hairline and reshaping of eyebrows.

There was minimal pain during and after the procedure. Very happy with the service I received and would highly recommend.

I would recommend this treatment to anybody

Ok, just a little drowsy. Able to function ok, telephone calls, etc. Easier than I’d thought. I would recommend the treatment to anybody.

Very pleasant experience

Comfortable, relaxed and confident. Very pleasant experience. Professional and caring staff.

Very happy customer

First day after the surgery feeling nausea but next day back to normal. Very happy customer. Thank you all!

Dr Chan and his staff were professional, helpful and understanding

Slept through extraction, a mix of sleeping and a bit bored during implantation and completely fine afterwards. Dr Chan and staff were very professional, helpful and understanding. I was particularly impressed with the time and effort taken to work out my priorities and balance this with the number of grafts.

No Dramas; 100% happy.

Minor pain after treatment

Tired, minor pain in the donor and transplanted area. Very professional service and advice from both Dr Chan and staff.


Relaxed, tired and relieved. Fantastic!

Pleasant and friendly staff

Comfortable, Very well informed, pleasant and friendly staff caring feeling at this clinic.

Very happy!

Good, I was very happy with the overall procedure and staff. Thanks!

Next day felt very well

A little tender, but ok. Next day felt very well.

Operation went smoothly – I had little discomfort

Fine, Little pain. I felt the operation went smoothly. I had little discomfort. The staff at AHTI were very helpful and professional. The facilities were excellent and felt really comfortable with the whole process.

Gave me some control over what was happening

Good, This is a professional and friendly atmosphere that made me feel welcome and gave me some control over what was happening. I am very happy with the procedure and the staff were excellent.

Exceeded my expectations

Relaxed, good. Amazing procedure, exceed my expectations, I would recommend to all my friends.


Good, excellent service.


Good, a bit tired.

A little nervous in the beginning…

I was a little nervous at the beginning but after a while I became relax.

Felt comfortable, no pain

During the experience was great, felt comfortable and after experienced little to no pain.

Mostly fine

Mostly fine, only slight throbbing in the implanted area.

No pain

During procedure was basically pretty blurry, immediately after procedure was uncomfortably numb but no pain, just a bit of nausea from the drugs.

Very relieved!

A little tired but not too painful. Very relieved after procedure as had been nervous!

I was very nervous about how it would go but all the staff looked after me really well. Thanks guys!!

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