Find out hair replacement costs in Australia

Hair transplant procedures can improve a person’s overall look and boost confidence tremendously. At AHTI, Dr. Chan can offer you the highest standard of hair replacement treatment by combining the knowledge of facial proportions, hair and scalp anatomy, with the skilled hands and eye to details, ensuring a successful procedure.

Are hair transplants expensive?

While there is no concrete answer to this question, as financial budgets vary, we can break the cost of hair loss treatment down for you to help you get a better idea.


First consultation fee

Follow up consultation fee



Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique

$12 to $8, per graft

Scalp Hair Restoration

$2,000 – $30,000

Eyebrow Transplant

$4,000 – $6,000

Partial Eyebrow Repairs

Cost will be advised during consultation, depending on the severity of the repair needed.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

$800 per session

$2000 for package of 3

$3800 for package of 6

 Sunetics Laser therapy

(30 min each session

unlimited visit)

casual single session $100

monthly $250

6 months $1375

12 months $2500

Trial Surgery Option

$650 (Up to 40 grafts)

To discuss the cost of your hair transplant with AHTI, call us on 02 88808626 to book a personal consultation today!

Please note, Medicare do not cover medical services which are solely for cosmetic reasons.

The cost of your hair transplant is a small investment towards your future

The cost that you would pay for your hair transplant surgery is dependent on the number of grafts needed. This hinges on:

  • The size of the area that requires treatment
  • The thickness you want to achieve
  • The thickness of the hair from the donor area (this may be your scalp, back, legs, arms or chest, for example)

Generally, 95% of your transplanted hairs will survive at 18 months, but we anticipate it to be higher. However, if you are one of the rare cases where the survival rate of your newly transplanted hairs falls below 95%, we will provide FREE* transplants to fill in the gaps.

For more information on our hair loss treatment and replacement costs, contact AHTI on 02 88808626.

Split your total hair transplant cost over several sessions

For your peace of mind and to help ease your finances, you can opt to divide the hair transplant surgery into several sessions. Our surgeon, Dr Chan, will work out the best management plan with you, be it short or long term, surgical and/or non-surgical therapies.

Spreading out your sessions also allows you to enjoy a shorter recovery time, and to improve your hair loss condition in a subtle manner.

For the service and experience that AHTI offers, you can be confident that we offer some of the most competitive hair transplant costs in Australia. To find out more on what we can offer you or to arrange a consultation, contact us on 02 88808626 today!

* Please note that the estimated cost of the hair transplant surgery is strictly a guide, and may vary on a case-by-case basis.

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