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Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Loss Treatment for Men & Women

Understand what causes hair loss and baldness and how you can overcome it

At AHTI, we are the specialists in hair transplants and other safe, effective treatments for hair loss.

For some, hair loss starts with a receding hairline, while others may notice a small balding patch or clumps of hair clogging the shower drain.

Hair loss can occur in both men and women due to a wide range of reasons, including:

The best way to understand the reason behind your hair loss, and to combat it, is to talk to your doctor. As shocking as it may be, not all hope is lost – there are several medically proven treatments to manage hair loss. Some of these methods, including medications / PRP / laser / hair transplants. Either in combination or single therapy. Every case is different. Some may help in healthy hair regrowth, while others may help in the prevention of further fallouts.

Don’t delay! seek our hair transplant and treatment options that are available to you. For a personal consultation at AHTI, contact us on 02 85913790 today.

Hair transplants for hair loss and male pattern baldness treatment

Prior to determining the best treatment and restoration option, our chief surgeon, Dr. Johnathan Chan, will cover the following in your consultation:

The most common hair transplant treatments available today are:

No scalpels, No staples or sutures Wound edges closed with sutures or stables
No visible scars Permanent linear scar, up to 30cm long, can range from 1mm to 10mm wide
Minimal pain on recovery Can be painful on recovery
Faster healing, wounds heal in 3 to 4 days, quicker return to normal activities Slower recovery, need to remove sutures or staples at 2 weeks
Up to 3000 grafts per session (2 to 3 days) Up to 4000 grafts per session (1 day)
1-4 hours of extraction 1-2 hours of extraction
Donor site options: scalp and body hair Donor site limited to the scalp
Higher cost Lower cost

To find out which hair loss treatments option works best for you, arrange a consultation at AHTI today.

Scientifically Proven Medical Therapies


A Lotion approved by FDA in 1988, it is available over the counter in 2 different strength ; 2% and 5%


A Tablet approved by FDA in 1997, it is a prescription drug to be taken as directed by your doctor

PRP and Laser:

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Discover our full scope of hair restoration services including:

For more information on any of our hair transplant surgeries, call us on 02 85913790 and book a consultation with Dr. Chan to discuss a tailored solution today.

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