Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant Specialist in Sydney, Australia

Grow your own hair in the perfect shape with our leading eyebrow transplant!

Are you suffering from eyebrow hair loss? Or have they been damaged due to over-plucking and not growing the way you want them to? Hair transplant specialists at AHTI may be able to help you!

No longer do you have to spend time pencilling in your eyebrows, because AHTI can have them growing in the shape, angle and direction you desire.

For a personal consultation to discuss how our eyebrow transplant services can be of benefit to you, contact us on 02 88808626 today.

Experience the best eyebrow transplants by Sydney’s sought after specialist

Using the Ultra-Fine Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant procedure developed by our chief surgeon, Dr Johnathan Chan, we can match fine hair from your scalp or body to your eyebrows. The follicles will then be implanted precisely by Dr Chan, giving you natural looking eyebrows that are sure to be the envy of many!

You can be confident of high quality results, because Dr Chan’s procedure has shown a higher graft survival rate and cosmetic result in comparison to standard FUE.


For more information on AHTI’s eyebrow restoration procedures, call us on 02 88808626 today.

Eyebrow transplantation aftercare

Once your eyebrow restoration surgery is completed, you may have to maintain them in the initial phases – occasional trimming or maintenance with eyebrow gel or wax. This is because the injured skin initially may be uneven and causing the transplanted hair to tilt in angle and direction.

But once the hair follicles are nicely settled in the implant site and you have completely recovered, you can start enjoying beautiful eyebrows that will grow in the perfect shape, angle and direction.

To find out more on our other treatments including hair loss treatment and PRP procedures, call us on 02 88808626 or arrange a consultation today. Our friendly doctors will be more than happy to talk you through our various programs!

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