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4 Hair Loss Do’s And Dont’s

If you are starting to notice you are losing your hair, it’s a good idea to see a professional about slowing down the process. In the meantime, have some great tips for what you should be doing to help your hair:

  1. Do dry your hair softly. There is no need to rough your head around with the towel. This can cause serious damage and break fine hairs. Try a softer towel too.
  2. Don’t wash your hair every day. Too much shampoo and conditioner can cause damage to your hair.
  3. Do keep your hair short. Having long hair when you hair is thinning just accentuates what isn’t there. Get a shorter cut that will maximise coverage and make your hair appear fuller.
  4. Don’t over-brush your hair. Using a brush too much stresses your hair. Instead, use your hands and fingertips to shape your shorter locks and style them as you normally would.

5 Hair Health Tips from a Dermatologist

Want soft and silky hair? Take note of these tips from Roopal V. Kundu, MD, an Associate Professor of Dermatology at the Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. He gave his best hair tips in an article for the Huffington Post:

  1. Ensure you are getting enough protein in your diet. Protein is very important for hair health, as is adequate iron.
  2. Have your vitamin levels checked and if need be take supplements. Vitamin D, omega and fish oils are also great for keeping hair looking lustrous.
  3. Invest in quality silicone products. Because silicone coats the hair it adds an extra layer of protection. Just make sure that when you are buying the product, silicone is high up on the ingredient list.
  4. Take caution when styling your hair at home. Everything from straightening to hair coloring can damage the hair. Trying to minimise the amount of times you do these things will help improve the overall health of your hair. Also – never flat iron wet hair!
  5. Don’t leave products in your hair. Never leave products in your hair for longer than what is advised. This is when the real damage can occur.

3 Fixes For Hair Loss

If you’ve noticed your hairline is receding or your mop is thinning there’s a few different fixes you can turn to. Men’s Fitness shared these top 3 tips:

  • Get your hat on. Hats don’t have to be used simply to cover up a bald spot – they can look fashionable too. Fedoras are wonderful and caps aren’t bad either, you just need to select a type of hat that matches your overall style and personality so it doesn’t look out of place.
  • Hair products. While you’ve probably tried a number of different products on the market, shampoos like Nioxin can help a little with thinning hair. Unfortunately they can’t halt the process completely if you have the ‘baldness gene’ but they can improve the appearance of the hair you have left.
  • Hair replacement and hair transplants. These are both successful types of therapy to treat hair loss. See a professional to find out the range of hair replacement options available to you.

260% Increase in Men Looking Into Hair Transplants

It appears that men are turning their backs on miracle pills and sprays and are instead going straight for a hair transplant, reported the Huffington Post. An opinion poll of hair experts done by revealed that there has been a 260% increase in men inquiring about hair transplants.

The study also noted that there has been a 180% increase in the amount of men going overseas to find cheaper hair transplant options.

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New Research Paves the Way to Re-Growing Human Hair

At the moment, hair loss treatments focus mainly on slowing down the rate of hair-fall but they aren’t able to completely stop it. However, scientists have recently discovered a way to stimulate hair growth which could help both genders fight the early signs of hair loss.

Nature World News reported that scientists have discovered a way to encourage hair growth by making human papillae grow like rodent hair. Conducted at Columbia University, the study found that it was possible to grow human hair using just a few pieces from a donor.

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Fidn Out How Healthy You are from Your Hair

The health and vitality of your hair can say a lot about your health, according to Amanda Chan in her article for the Huffington Post. While many of us view our hair as something that is separate to the rest of our body, it can in fact reflect what is happening on the inside.

Take a look at these symptoms to see what it could mean for your body:

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Maintain Luscious Hair for Your Entire Life with Hollywood’s Tips

Our hair is like our skin – it changes with time. That’s why it’s important that we take care of it, according to Dana Sullivan Kilroy, who wrote an article on the subject for The Los Angeles Times.

Sullivan spoke to expert hair stylists in Hollywood to get the inside scoop on hair care:

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5 Ways to Stay Sexy if You Have Thinning Hair

Many women over the age of 50 start to find that their hair becomes thin. Needless to say, while many women experience this, it’s still considered a rather taboo topic. Lois Joy Johnson revealed some of the tips and tricks women can use to add some volume to thin hair:

Go short: There’s no point in having long hair if it’s dull and stringy. Depending on how short you want to cut your hair is up to you, but shorter, coppy hair cuts can suit a lot of women and can look quite sexy too.

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2 Common Causes of Hair Loss for Women

While losing up to 100 strands of hair a day is considered normal, there are some women who suffer from excess hair loss. In an article by The Clinical Advisor, the two most common causes of female hair loss were explored.

If in doubt, an examination by a clinician will determine what is the cause and then treatment options can then be explored.

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Get Your Healthy Glow On with these Body Care Tips

We all know the saying, you are what you eat. When it comes to our skin, hair and eyes as well as our overall health and well being, this is certainly true.

Here are a list of tips outlined by Nicky Park for the The Queensland Times on how to get glowing skin and hair by nourishing from within:

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